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Minting is the process of buying and storing an NFT on the blockchain.
If you'd like to purchase a Kimmie but are having trouble, simply get in touch.

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How to mint your own Kimmie

To help you mint your first Kimmie, we’ve created a step by step process to get you sorted in no time


Buy crypto

Please visit your crypto exchange to purchase Matic - the currency of the Polygon network. A Kimmie's price in Matic is dynamic and pegged to USD$200.


Create a wallet

This only takes about 1 minute. A wallet is similar to a bank safe and is used to hold and
access your NFTs. We suggest using Metamask.


Send your Matic to your wallet

Matic is the currency of the Polygon network. We have made a walkthrough video to help you understand how to send your Matic to your wallet. Please see below.


Mint a Kimmie

Click “Login” and then click “Mint” - your Kimmie will be on your way soon! If you are having issues, please refresh your browser. If you continue to have issues, simply shoot us an email or message us on Discord and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Don’t forget the benefits you receive as a Kimmie.

A beautiful image and title
Entry into the Kimdom
Be part of a community

Are you stuck? Check out our video explainers below!